The Scholarship

The Scholarship Fund of the James Hillier Foundation is intended to aid specific students in Brant County. Dr. Hillier has said, I would probably never have gone to University if it had not been for a scholarship I received upon graduation from Brantford Collegiate Institute. Dr. Hillier was awarded a scholarship to attend the University of Toronto during the depression in the 1930s and it has been his desire to see others assisted in the same way.


Further, to be eligible for a scholarship, a candidate must:

Application Consideration

For an application to be considered, the applicant must have:

Application Forms

Application forms are available from the Student Services department of any Brant County secondary school or downloaded from this website.

Application Deadline

Supporting Documentation

**PRINCIPAL: Please forward up to two completed applications and accompanying documentation re: the applicants recommended by your school to The James Hillier Foundation Scholarship Committee, 16 Candlewood Drive, Brantford, ON N3R 6A1.

Selection Procedure

Method of Payment

Scholarships are paid to the educational institution, early in the fall term. Expenses in accordance with the guidelines will be reimbursed directly to the student upon submission of appropriate supporting receipts.

Scholarship Continuance

In order for the scholarship to be continued beyond year one of the program, the student must: The continuation of the scholarship will be determined: